Check-In Issue on iPads/Androids

UPDATE: The latest version of the Check-In app which corrects the issues mentioned below is now in the App Store as of 8/26/16.

If you have tried using the new Check-In app and you had problems, it was probably related to a bug we found that relates to Campuses or another one relating to printing labels for a person without a date of birth on their record. Some churches have experienced a problem while others have not. Even churches without any campuses may have had issues that were caused by one of these bugs.

Even though not every church was affected – some churches used the app and everything was just fine – we wanted to express a public mea culpa and not just email those that reported a problem.

We have published a fix, and the update for the Android is already in Google Play. It is v 1.0.4. The update will appear in the App Store in the next couple of days. The new iPad version will be v. 2.0.2. 

Please accept our apology for the inconvenience. Also, we recommend that you turn on automatic updates for the app so that you don’t miss anything!

Where Did the Magic Button Go?

If you are using the new iPad or Android app for Check-In, you will notice that there is no ‘magic button’! Why? Well, on these platforms we have other ways of doing things that are more appropriate for the device you are using.

We are using press & hold to take you into what we call Administration Mode. This gives you the same options as the magic button does on the PC version of Check-In.

Each process for mobile Check-In is described in this help article.

If you have not already looked at the new apps, you should check them out! They are free from the App Store and Google Play.

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Search Builder – View Code

If you use Search Builder (and I sure hope you do!) you probably noticed the new View Code link under your search. If you are brave, you probably even clicked that link. And if you clicked the link, you would see that we are giving you a way to view your entire search all at one time, that is, without having to click on each Condition to view the elements.

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New iPad Check-In App Available

New ImageIt’s out there, now! Download it from the App Store – TouchPoint Check-In for iPad. We published the Android version a few months ago, and you can find it at Google Play.

This is a completely new check-in app which replaces BVCheckin. It works almost identically to the Android version. The basic differences are just the differences between Android and Apple products.

If you currently use BVCheckin, replace it with this new app. It is named TouchPoint Check-In. And, of course, the Android and Apple apps are totally free!

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Batch Updates – Grade and More

TipsTouchPoint has tools for making updates to multiple records at one time, using a Tag or a Search Builder results. We continually add new options, so I wanted to mention this in a blog post again.

Only your System Admin can run these batch processes and he must do this with fear and trembling! Maybe that is a bit extreme, but he must use extreme caution as there is no undo button and these batch updates immediately update fields (or perform other actions) on all the records in your Tag or Query.

Example: Updating the Grade field

Now that Promotion has ended for most churches  you might be interested in updating Grades.

Remember, for Main Fellowship classes with a Grade on the organization, anyone enrolled in that org will automatically get that Grade put on their people record at the time they are enrolled or promoted. In these cases, you do not need to update the grades.

However, some churches have Main Fellowship classes that span multiple grades, or perhaps you may NOT have entered a Grade on the organizations prior to Promotion. In these cases you could use the batch process to add the Grade after the children have been promoted.

A few newer options for the batch process for Grade are Remove Grade, Custom Grade, Add 1 Grade Level. There are quite a few options for Grade, so you would want to read more about this.

The Grade field is only one of many fields that can be updated. Check out the entire list in the help article. The article also contains explanations for the various Grade options.

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Registration History & Summary

TipsThese two reports for Admins are very helpful not only to see how many registrations you have for an event (on the Summary) but also to help you troubleshoot when someone has a question about his registration or a problem registering.

The Registration History is a list of every registration whether it was ever completed or not. That page, which is actually a registration search page, has various filtering options as well, which will help you find a specific person’s registration. You can even filter to find only registrations that originated from the TouchPoint mobile app!

Whereas the Registration History is a list of every individual registration, the Registration Summary is just that – a summary of registrations by Description. The Description is actually the name of the organization used for the registration.

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