New Email Replacement Codes for Pledges

We just published two new email replacement codes. One is for the amount of a pledge to a specific fund. The other is for the balance still due on that pledge.

You do not have to wait until you send out contribution statements for you to update a donor regarding his pledge. If you are nearing the end of the life of a special fund or campaign, using these replacement codes will let you email everyone with a pledge for that fund, reminding them that the end of the campaign is drawing near.

Or you could email all of your members or donors, not just those that have made a pledge, and remind everyone about the campaign and when it will end. Those without a pledge for that fund will just see zeroes in both places – the amount and the balance. If someone has given more than their pledge, they will see the difference as an overage (in parentheses).

Check out all of our email replacement codes and see how you can make good use of them! For these new codes, look under the header All Emails and the paragraph titled Pledge Replacements.

Thank you, Redeemer Presbyterian Church for sponsoring this project.

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Compose Email on Mobile Devices

2016-09-19_07-56-49Several of you have been in the habit of using your phone for sending TouchPoint emails and were disappointed to see that the email, once it was sent, did not look the same as what you were seeing on your phone when composing it. Well, no more!

Until recently, the text editor (CKEditor) we use in TouchPoint for composing emails and other formatted text items did not work on a mobile device the way it does on a normal computer. The reason was the CKEditor was incompatible on Mobile browsers. That has changed.

Now, you can compose your emails on your iPhone or Android phone and still have the same formatting options as on your computer! That means that when you put a line break, it stays there and your paragraphs do not get smashed up together.

We are happy about this change and we hope you are too!


Email Recovery


Over the past few months, we have heard from some users that, on occasion, they have lost their work while composing an email. These users were writing newsletters that take a long time to compose. The problem happened when they went to Save Draft–they got an error message with no way to go back to their work.

While we have been unable to replicate this, we suspect this happens when their Internet connection is interrupted. Rather than trying to replicate the problem and prevent it, we have instead provided a way to recover your content locally. This new feature is now available.

Every time you click Save and close the CKEditor (this is the editor you use when writing your email), it saves the HTML for the email into a local storage area available in your browser. This local storage is reused so it only works for one email at a time. When you have a fatal error (like your network being unplugged while you are editing), you will now be able to recover your work.

  • You just start to compose an email over again.
  • And you can pick the empty template this time because you are going to be using the previously saved template and content.
  • When the compose page appears this time, don’t click in the area to load the editor, but immediately scroll to the bottom of the page and  click the Recover button.
  • This will bring back the content you lost complete with the template you were using.
  • You will be ready to Save Draft, Send or Send Test to Self.

We hope you find this helpful.


New ‘Registered Only’ for iPad Attendance

New ImageTouchPoint’s iPad Attendance feature is a perfect way to use an iPad (or multiple iPads) to take attendance for an event when you do not want to use self-check-in or roll sheets. And now that feature has gotten even better with the addition of the new iPad Attendance Registered Only option.

When you select this option from the Toolbar cloud icon under Special Pages, only those who are registered to attend will display. This makes your list a lot shorter, which is nice if you use this for a large organization.

This is perfect for use with the Volunteer Calendar as well. Only those who are flagged as Attending, Substitute, or Find Substitute (those who tried to find a sub, but haven’t) will display in the list. In other words, you will see just those that would print on your roll sheet for that meeting – those who should be there.

Thank you, Redeemer Presbyterian Church for sponsoring this project.

PS  There is a bonus as well – when you have more than one tab opened on the browser of your iPad and are using iPad Attendance, the name of the org will be displayed as the name of the tab. This means you can take attendance for more than one org using the same iPad and always know which org you are viewing.

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Check-In Issue on iPads/Androids

UPDATE: The latest version of the Check-In app which corrects the issues mentioned below is now in the App Store as of 8/26/16.

If you have tried using the new Check-In app and you had problems, it was probably related to a bug we found that relates to Campuses or another one relating to printing labels for a person without a date of birth on their record. Some churches have experienced a problem while others have not. Even churches without any campuses may have had issues that were caused by one of these bugs.

Even though not every church was affected – some churches used the app and everything was just fine – we wanted to express a public mea culpa and not just email those that reported a problem.

We have published a fix, and the update for the Android is already in Google Play. It is v 1.0.4. The update will appear in the App Store in the next couple of days. The new iPad version will be v. 2.0.2. 

Please accept our apology for the inconvenience. Also, we recommend that you turn on automatic updates for the app so that you don’t miss anything!

Where Did the Magic Button Go?

If you are using the new iPad or Android app for Check-In, you will notice that there is no ‘magic button’! Why? Well, on these platforms we have other ways of doing things that are more appropriate for the device you are using.

We are using press & hold to take you into what we call Administration Mode. This gives you the same options as the magic button does on the PC version of Check-In.

Each process for mobile Check-In is described in this help article.

If you have not already looked at the new apps, you should check them out! They are free from the App Store and Google Play.

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Search Builder – View Code

If you use Search Builder (and I sure hope you do!) you probably noticed the new View Code link under your search. If you are brave, you probably even clicked that link. And if you clicked the link, you would see that we are giving you a way to view your entire search all at one time, that is, without having to click on each Condition to view the elements.

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